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Robert J. Palffy, CPA

Small and mid-size business accounting

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Rob Palffy, obtained his BS in Accounting from the University of Illinois at Chicago. While attending college, Rob worked as a paramedic. After graduating, he continued his career in emergency medical services and quickly moved into management at American Medical Response. He then followed two simultaneous, distinctly different career paths – one as a firefighter/paramedic in the northwest suburbs and one as a CPA for a small public accounting firm north of Chicago. He rose through the ranks in both careers reaching the rank of District Chief in the fire service and becoming a Tax and Audit Manager for various small firms. Rob took on a partner and established his own firm in 2003. That firm was closed in 2013, and he found contract work for the next several years until his retirement from the fire service in 2018. Prior to joining the AFIN in 2021, Rob was the manager of a small CPA practice in Northbrook.

Rob is married with two daughters. In his spare time, he enjoys cooking and makes his own sausages and jerky. He also has a love of 80’s cars and likes to tinker and race. He is also a dog lover and enjoys hanging out with his two Labradors.

Rob’s thoughts on taxes? “We as a nation and a state (Illinois) are over-taxed. I am happiest when I can help a taxpayer file a complete and accurate tax return that utilizes every deduction or deferral to reduce taxes in an ethical and legal way.”

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